Nov. 16, 2021

EP#5 Preparing for the GC Sale

EP#5 Preparing for the GC Sale

How to identify which bids to target and how to position yourself for success

A quick recap we are in the selling in commercial flooring series:


  1. What is selling in the flooring business
  2. Preparing for the gc sale
  3. Winning the gc sale
  4. Preparing for the end user sale
  5. Winning the end user sale


Today: preparing for the gc sale



Two big elements for today’s topic on preparation:


  1. Identifying your ideal target prospects
  2. What is your value proposition


Identifying targets:


Not everyone is a good target.  Do not go the bid board and chase the next shiniest object! 


You need a focused strategy.  So how do we id the best targets?


Go to our past sales/booking reports


Id top gc’s by revenue

Id top gc’s by gross profit dollars


Having identifoied where the money cones from at the gross level, let’s look at the effort it takes (and therefore support costs and your time) to win those bids


We need to look at the pipeline which is one or the four key competencies flooring compnbaies must master


Id activity by gc

Id conversion rate by gc.


This research will give you insight on where to focus and you can create your ideal customer success attributes:


  • Segment speciality
  • Vendor advantage
  • Multiple scopes
  • Relationship with gc project manger
  • Realtionship with gc decision maker(s)
  • You are a known quantity


In summary you can score yourslef across 3 dimensions of ideal fit:

  • Customer
  • Segment
  • Scope


Not all customers are good


Do not fish in the wrong pond!



Ok let’s move to value proposition


Fancy words.  What do they really mean


You need to be aligned with your customers success—not your success!!


If you are not helping your customer to be successful you are not creating any value


It has nothing to do with how long you have been in business or how sexy your website looks.


Identify your customer success criteria by asking them!


For a gc they may include:


  • How can you mitigate their risk
  • Delivering on time
  • How will you rise to the inevitable problems that will always surface in comple cosntruction projects?
  • How responsive will you be?
  • Will you show up when you say
  • Do you communicate quickly even when it’s bad news?



Your ability to spell out how you create value gets much easier when you have a segment focus.


Example: healthcare


The facilities manager of a hospital worries about:

  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Hygiene
  • Logistics of getting materials in
  • Access—ensuring docs and staff can get in and out even though you are moving men and materiel through their corridors
  • Downtime—a day of the operating theater being down may cost them a million doalars in lost revenue



So talk about how your approach overcomes the above problems!!!!


A simple value proposition then may be:


We are acme finishes.  We are flooring ninjas.  You will never know we were there!




We have a bonus –sales by the numbers newletter on how to sell value.


Go to


Next week we will cover winning the gc sale