Nov. 23, 2021

Ep#6 Winning the GC Sale

Ep#6 Winning the GC Sale

Best bidding practices that will increase your win rate.  Learn the key thing you need to do BEFORE you submit your bid!

A quick recap we are in the selling in commercial flooring series:


  1. What is selling in the flooring business
  2. Preparing for the gc sale
  3. Winning the gc sale
  4. Preparing for the end user sale
  5. Winning the end user sale


Today: winning the gc sale


Two components

  • Engagement
  • Closing the deal




Defined as meaningful customer interactions


You want first call not last look


You have the most leverage before you submit your bid! Use it to:

  • Establishing a peer relationship—make the call
  • Ask for a 1 hour pre-bid discussion
  • Tie down the award window
  • Find out who will make the decision who will project manage the job


Get a seat at the table


Pricing intelligence- ensure you have competitive rates


Make it hard for them to say no to you


Answering the question before anyone else has picked up the phone


Transparency—the key to discussing value rather than the gc worrying what your margin is


Hold a review meeting to present and discuss your bid (preferably with the decision maker in attendance)


Closing the deal


Identifying the decision maker


Delivering the decision maker to the sales process


Working key influencers—you wont win just talking to the junior engineer or estimator


Identify an internal coach


Call them in the award window


Have your team present your bid again in person

  • Use example case studies of similar work and complexity


Get the contract signed quickly (that means you have organized pre-screening paperwork)