Nov. 30, 2021

Ep#7 Preparing for the End User Sale

Ep#7 Preparing for the End User Sale

Selling to an End User is very different to selling to a GC.  There is no post on a public bid board.  You have to go out and find this work.  You don't always know when an End user is looking to install or upgrade their floors. We'll...

A quick recap we are in the selling in commercial flooring series:

1. What is selling in the flooring business
2. Preparing for the gc sale
3. Winning the gc sale
4. Preparing for the end user sale
5. Winning the end user sale

Today: preparing for the end user sale

Three key discussion points on the end user sale

A) Why go after end user work?
B) The unique challenges of the end user sale
C) Creating messaaging to magneticalaly attract end user prospects

Why end user work?

Yes it’s different to bid work with gc-‘s
Bid work is pretty easy to identify
It’s usually on a bid board or in the public domain

End user work is hidden—therefore you have to expend time and energy to find it.

The question is, is it worth it?

Unequivocally, yes!

Our benchmark analysis tells us that end users generally buy some kind of flooring several times per year.

We have also found that an end user portfolio is like an annuity—a gift that keeps on giving

Profitability is much higher than bid work.


Key challenges:

1. Prospects are invisible
2. You have less certainty when they are in a buying frame of mind


You can’t go to a bid board and pick off a few names
You need to be thoughtful an decide where you want to compete

First you need to decide what segment you want to compete in.

You need to get known in that segment and be seen as the definitive go to flooring company for any type of commercial flooring job.

Let’s say you want to focus on tenant improvement.

The second task is to creat a list of potential prospects

You can’t sell anything unless you have a list.

You can build your list in the following ways:

1. Take your past customer list
2. Use linkedin to search for prospects (look for “property managers”)
3. Buy a list
4. Use facebook ads to make the invisible become visible
5. Hang out where your prospects are—enrol and become active in key industry associations—boma
6. If you are really committed you can write a short book—the property mangers guide to using flooring to attract and keep tenants

You need to make the invisible become visible (the force is strong luke!)

The third task is to create magnetic messaging (your value proposition)

What are the pain points your prospects are facing.  Sell the pain before the gain!

List out their key challenges and then how you would address them

It’s all about the packaging

If i have a headache and i can’t’ sleep at night what would i buy if i went into walgreens:

• Generic ibuprofen (cheapo)
• Advil cold and flu
• Advil migraine
• Advil pm

Now they all contain the same thing—200mg of ibuprofen

I don’t go for the cheapo generic!
I buy the one that speaks to my pain—advil pm as it suggest it will cure my headache and help me sleep at night!

Same with floors—it’s the same carpet tile and ceramic.  What will differentiate you is how you solve the property managers key problem.

If I manage medical office buildings, i want good acoustics and a clean look.

If my tenants are business owners they want a glitzy lobby that can be easily kept clean.

So tailor your messaging to their unique needs.

Ok let’s summarize here:
• We picked a segment
• We built a list
• We identified problems and created messaging that speak to solving them

We need to get our magnetic messaging in front of our key prospects:
• Linkedin posts
• Email our list
• Ads

In those forums we create simple call to actions—hit reply if you need a quote. Or download this pdf on “what property mangers need to know about creating great first impressions in your building”

This makes the invisible prospect into a visible lead!

Next week we will discuss how you convert these visible prospects into paying customers!
Btw we have a course, selling to end users.  You can find it via our website at