Dec. 7, 2021

Ep#8 Winning the End User Sale

Ep#8 Winning the End User Sale

The trick to winning is being in front of your end user right at the point thye are ready to discuss and buy their new floor. This week we show you how to stay in front of the mind of your prospective end user even when not physically in front of them...

A quick recap we are in the selling in commercial flooring series:


  1. What is selling in the flooring business
  2. Preparing for the gc sale
  3. Winning the gc sale
  4. Preparing for the end user sale
  5. Winning the end user sale


Today: winning the end user sale


Two components

  • The art of being in the right place at the right time
  • Closing the deal


Art of the art of being in the right place at the right time


We briefly mentioned this last week.


You know when the gc sale will happen.  You know the key decision makers and influncers and when the project will be awarded.


Not so with end users. 


Last week we showed you how to create your prospect list and magnetic messaging.


But you don’t know when they will buy.


We know floors need to be rpelaced.  Regularly.  So, we know at some point the end user will be in the market.


The trick is to be the person they immediatley think of when they are ready to upgrade or add a floor.


So here is the jedi sales trick to being in the right place at the right time---


Drum roll……..


You need to be in the right place all the time!


Wow—sounds like a lot of work!


Not really.  You just need to be smart and leverage technology.


I learned this from joe girard, who, according to the guiness book of world records, is the world’s greatest salesperson.


He sold 13,0001 cars!


Joe did what we told you last week.  He created a lsit of propspects.  But he did not know when they would be buying. A new car


So, in january  he sent them a card—


“happy new year, from joe girard.  Hey if you need any help servicing yorh car or buying a new one let me know)


In feb: “happy valentines day, from joe girard. Hey if you want the ideal valentine gift, we have great cars.  Call me if you nedd anbything)


And so on for the entire year!


Now when someone on his card list thought about buying a car—who came to mind—we will call joe!


Guys. This is not rocket science.  This wwas pre-internet!


You can do the same.


Send a monthly email with some useful tip

Post a weekly blog on linkedin

Make a presentation each month at your industry associateion meeting—or offer some free training.

The possibilities are endless!


If you do this well you will have an endless supply of warm leads.  You may be the only game in town.


If not, here are some closing tips



  • Ask them what experience do they want
  • Emphasize the sizzle not the steak
  • Sell the why now
  • Make sure you are talking to the decision maker


Ps, we have a course, selling to end users you can find at

Yes, some Jedi mind tricks for you!